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Text for Page 050 [06-08-1862]

          Robertson�s � New York Items.
by car, to visit the Robertson�s.  There I was
hospitably received and entertained, by Mrs
Robertson and Boweryem.  They seemed to
be living in a sort of superior-micawberish
manner in the house, or certain rooms of it.
During the evening there called a pretty wife
of a Virginian loyalist, she herself being a se-
cessionist, and at present under convoy of an
old dandy in a wig, evidently her admirer.  Her
husband was in the Union army.  She had cor-
responded with Quigg, and asked me about him.
She talked lightly and flippantly, and was
very pretty.  Left at 10.
      9.  Monday.  Down town in the afternoon
to the Park Bank and Tribune office.  Met Briggs,
(who afterwards said he had encountered �Gunn�s
ghost� in allusion to my appearance � a very
exaggerated suggestion of it), also Boweryem
and Capt. Colt.  Up-town.  Out with Hart
awhile in the evening.
     10.  Tuesday.  Out buying things all the
morning.  In-doors subsequently.  Haney and
Boweryem up at night, during a rain-storm.
    11.  Wednesday.  Doing things all the mor-
ning. (A messenger from Gay requesting my
presence.  Went down-town after lunch.  A
proposition that I should go to Port Royal,               
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