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Text for Page 051 [06-11-1862]

               Going to South Carolina.
from whence a speedy attempt against Char-
eston was expected.  I hadn�t thought to start
off again so speedily, feeling indeed but in-
perfectly recovered from my Virginian experien-
ces, but the trip tempted me so that I acceded.
First, I knew that I was never better in health
than when at sea and hoped that the voyage
would put me to-rights; then the chance of re-
visiting Charleston again under circumstances
which might be the postulate of what I had
seen there, and the opportunity of first-class
reporting cried go ! So I said I�d start as
soon as possible.)  Saw England and Banks:
met Morris, Bellew, F. Wood, and Glover.  Left
note at Haney�s.  To Robertson�s office; didn�t
find Boweryem.  Up-town.  Rain-storm; buying
things.  Getting ready all the evening.  Haney
came in consequence of my note and told me of the
death of Jim Parton�s mother, Mrs. Edwards�
sister, and of Jim having hurried off to Ro-
chester where it had occurred.  At 11.  Haney
left.  At 12, when I was just thinking of going
to bed, there occurred a drunken eruption of
Cahill, Shepherd, Watson and Lloyed into
the adjoining room, where they played cards
and made a dreary, joyless row till past 1 
in the morning, in spite of my personal remon-               
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