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Text for Page 052 [06-11-1862]

       Embarkation for Port Royal, S.C.
strances, expressed without much ceremony.
Cahill especially showed so foolishly and of-
fensively that I resolved to drop him hence-
forth and to let him drift to the devil, ac-
cording to his inherent tendencies.
     12.  Thursday.  To tailor�s; then down town,
by omnibus to the Tribune office.  Got a note
from Gay and $25, in addition to yesterday�s
$50, for expenses.  To Pier No 9 North
River, there to secure a passage to Port Royal,
by the steamer Locust Point, meeting by the
way the young snob-artist, Theodore Davis,
who disparaged the vessel, in consequence of
his having been refused a free passage by
her.  I paid for mine $30.  Mr Edwards
and Haney aboard and presently Boweryem,
came to see me off.  The departure of the
vessel was delayed, as usual, so we adjourn-
ed up to Broadway for cool drinks; I
called at Robertson�s office, sent Boweryem
to my tailor�s and went up town to lunch
by omnibus.  A doze for an hour in my
room afterwards, then down town to Pier
No 9.  Haney and Mr Edwards came and
bade me good bye; the former having recog-
nized and introduced me to one of my fellow
passengers who appeared in uniform, and               
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