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Text for Page 053 [06-12-1862]

in liquor.  This was a Major Halpin, present
Assistant-Adjutant-General to General Hun-
ter, once a newspaper man, whom I think
I had met some years back and who seemed
to know me.  During my absence in England
he had done something rascally which I found,
afterwards, retailed in a letter from Alf Waud,
written to me at the time, and here it is conden-
sed: �you know Halpin, the writer, I suppose?
Welden told me some interesting items of him,
such as his borrowing a coat and pawning it.
He was introduced to Webb, of Navello�s music
store and invited to visit him.  On his doing
so and coming away it rained a very little.
Halpin, saying that his coat was new and that
he did not want to spot it, borrowed a new
overcoat of Webb.  As it was late in the spring
Webb let a week or more slip by before he in-
quired for it.  On calling at Halpin�s address,
his landlady said he was gone and further, 
that she would like to know where.  Some
months afterwards, Webb met him, where he,
after much prevarication, acknowledged having
the money to redeem it, which Halpin would
have borrowed for that alleged purpose, which
was declined.  Finally he confessed having paw-               
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