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Text for Page 054 [06-12-1862]

                     Halpin and his
ned the ticket with seven others, all of
which Webb had to redeem, in order to obtain
his coat.  Furthermore Halpin owing Wel-
den $5 wanted to pay him by �an order� for
Twenty, at the same time borrowing $15 of
him to make up the debt.  Finally he stole
a small trunk from the Howard House, and
got consigned to the Tombs in consequence.�
       Thus Waud.  How long he remained in
prison I don�t know, but something of a
cloud rested on him henceforth though he pre-
sently got back into the not very scrupulous
world of New York journalism.  He was, I
think co-editor of the Leader, a democratic
weekly, with John Clancyx, the Irish politician.
   He knew the Empire city very well, especia-
ly the office holders, office-seekers, party-bul-
lies and shoulder mitters appertaining to the
�unterrified.�  He had, previously, written a
poem-volume, entitled �Lyrics by the Letter
H.� from which Jim Parton and I had ex-
tracted one or two pieces in our �Humorous
Poetry.�  Fanny Fern possessed a manuscript
poem by Halpin, which we should have inser-
ted but for its being too personal � and amo-
rous.  (It had been addressed to Fanny, her-
self.)  Halpin knew �Ada Clare� too, and
                x Died July 1, 1864.               
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