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Text for Page 057 [06-12-1862]

                     At 745 Broadway
by writing certain poems, satirical and serious,
on the war, under the nom de plume of �Miles
O�Reilly,� many of them published, I think, in
the Herald, which started one of its customary
canards about them, attributing their author-
ship to a private soldier and asserting that
he had been punished for it.  Haney and
Mr Edwards having left the Locust Point, I
sat on the deck and waited.  Presently my
tailor, Summer, arrived, bringing with him a
suit of easy grey clothes, adapted for summer
in warm latitudes and ordered by me some days
back.  Going down into my cabin I put �em on,
and then paid the bearer who took charge of
the old suit and departed.  I remained, wat-
ching the sunset on the wharves and shipping
and speculating on many things; on the time
of my first arrival in New York (near the same
pier) and on what was before me.  After sup-
per the captain informed me that he certainly
should not get off before morning.  So I walk-
ed through the foetid riverside streets up to
Broadway and took omnibus to 745, the door
of which was opened to me by pretty Matty.
Upstairs I found Mr and Mrs Edwards �
the latter having knocked off work in consequence
of the news of the death of her sister, Jim Parton�s               
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