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Text for Page 058 [06-12-1862]

           Departure for South Carolina .
mother � Haney, Eliza and young Russell.
The evening proved rather a dull one.  I went
out once, with Haney and looked into the Win-
ter Garden, where a trashy burlesque of Gay-
lers based on "the Tempest" was being played,
Anderson �the Wizard� doing Prospero.  Return-
ing to 745, I left at 10 3/4, rode down Broad-
way and had a solitary pipe in the lonely
omnibus and sought pier No 9 and the Locust
Point.  The night was a hot and clammy
one, but my berth had a window in it, and
I got to sleep directly.
      13.  Friday.  Anchor up by 4 A.M.; noise;
washing the decks; breakfast.  A mild,
breezy, cloudy day.  Thoughts of my former
voyage to South Carolina and its attendant
circumstances.  Talk with fellow-passengers.
One a Bermuda-born Briton, short in sta-
ture, with a honest ruddy sea-faring face, was
Harbor-master at Port Royal, as he told me.
He had lived in Alexandria Va. until the be-
ginning of the war and had a wife in Philadel-
phia.  He was returning to his duties in South
Carolina, taking with him his brother-in-law,
rather a surly-looking young fellow, who ex-
pected to get some clerkish employment in the
Department.  Other passengers resolved them-               
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