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Text for Page 060 [03-14-1852]

              14.  Sunday.   Doing odd chores awhile, then
down town to dinner.   Then back, writing letter
to my Mother.   Plashing wet day out, and rather
dull in-doors.   Alf with Lockington & Barton
out boating .  He returning at about 4, got irate
and sulky by constraining a false meaning & cleared
out again.  Wrote on till 8, then out to Reade
St Shades, had ale and Weslh Rarebit,  sat awhile
then called at Mrs Kidders.   Talking with her
and Lotty.   The last appeared at Brougham�s
Lyceum on Friday.   Tolerably successful.  Goodall
came.                    Heard how George Brown
had gone off West, for Saint Louss.
  15. �Monday�.   Down town, Nagle�s, Mathew
Reveille, Mc Fee�s.   Back to Office.  Drawing
all the afternoon.   Down to Excelsior for Supper
Met Lockington.  Told me how he heard that               
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