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Text for Page 060 [06-13-1862]

          On board the �Locust � Point.�
sorted a good deal with King, the harbor-master,
and one or two others.  The Locust Point had
not been built as a passenger-vessel, but recent
alterations enabled her to carry a limited num-
ber.  As the day wore on the weather became
delightful.  I occupied myself, during part of
the time, in writing a letter to the Tribune, a
general one about my Virginian experience.  At
night I loafed on deck with my fellow passen-
gers.  Halpine appeared at supper only, being
then only half sober.  He had came on board af-
ter a debauch which brought him to the verge
of delirium Tremens, and had with him a huge
demijohn of brandy, which he intended taking
to his friends at Port Royal, but as it remain-
ed in his berth all the time and he applied him-
self to it without stint, I don�t think one drop
of it reached South Carolina.  To bed by 9 �:
an idle, lulling time, during which I began
to get well rapidly.
      14.  Saturday.   Up betimes, on a sultry mor-
ning, two hours before breakfast.  The boat a
slow one, with a faulty engine, and a civil but
not able captain; which second drawback obli-
ged us to make occasional pauses.  A sunny,
idle day, almost a calm.  The women on deck,
to see a large shark playing about in the water               
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