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Text for Page 061 [06-14-1862]

                        The Voyage.
near us.  A pause and stoppage of the engines
for some time; starting again at 2 �.  Idling,
Scribbling and reading � the latter Marryat�s
�King�s Own�, a volume I had brought from the
house of the widow Crump in Virginia.  I had
retained a pleasant impression of the book from
my boy days thinking it, then, one of the most
touching of stories, but now I found it poor stuff.
Summer lighting in the evening, over the sea.
turned in at 11 �.
        15.   Sunday.  A sultry but sunless morning.
During breakfast the crew angled for and caught
a dolphin, who changed color in the orthodox man-
ner when dying on the deck, but was decidedly
unlike any picture representative of his kind,
or sculptured ones, that I have seen.  He looked
metallic.  Scribbling on deck before and after
dinner; a sultry doze in my berth, reading and
talk.  The hottest day yet: dispensed with
coat and waistcoat.  Summer lighting in the
evening and some prospects of rough weather.
Below, the vicinity of Halpine�s cabin was nau-
seous from the combined smell of spirits and
sea-sickness.  He kept his berth, nor hardly
quitted it once during the remainder of the
voyage.  Scribbling.  Turned in by 11.
        16.  Monday.  A tumbling sea, crockery               
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