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Text for Page 062 [06-16-1862]

                Rough weather at Sea.
smashing in the saloon, stools chasing each
other, and one of the women-passengers howling
mournfully.  A dash of salt-water in at my
port-hole, wetting me and saturating things in
the lower berth.  Dressed with some difficulty
and turned out.  Really rough weather; woman
passenger washed out of her berth into the saloon.
More howling.  Fellows staggering about; Capt
King alert and attentive.  Halpine carried into
a cabin aft, where his odour would be less percep-
tible: last night he had an attack of delirium
tremens and was chanting vociferously, before the
beginning of the gale.  On deck, forwards, pre-
sently to descend to an irregular and highly comic
breakfast, most of us squatting on the floor against
our cabin-doors, bracing our feet against some-
thing, or holding on to things in general.  Thus
we were served with relays of ham, crackers
and coffee, all idea of �setting a table� being im-
possible.  Then on deck again.  A heavy sea
on; a big wave wetting some of the fellows to the
skin, I escaping by a few seconds.  Amidships,
talking with the engineer and others, then below,
scribbling with difficulty.  A promiscuous hap-
and-scramble dinner of broiled ham, biscuit
and pickles.  A doze afterwards: then on deck,
to find the weather rather worse than better.               
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