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Text for Page 064 [06-16-1862]

                Approaching Port Royal.
mind, crying out �Good Good ! what shall I do?�
But Brand and King behaved like men and
sailors, and presently got us off into deep water
again, where we lay beating about in the heavy
sea and rough night till morning.  I turned
in only partially undressed, and spent the night
in alternate dozes and talk with the fellows
who came to my open door from time to time,
professing that they couldn�t sleep or bring them-
selves to trying to.  Halpin, meantime, was in a
deplorable condition, grinding his teeth like a
demoniac in the darkness, and every now and then
crying out in a lamentable voice for the �Schew-
ard !�  The brandy he had swilled for three days
and three nights almost killed him.  King had
had to assume the part of doctor and administer
some laudanum to him, out of the medicine chest,
when he became quieter.  Most of the passengers
were rather scared at the condition of things,
but somehow I thought we should come out all
right and didn�t feel apprehensive.
        17.   Tuesday.  Still a stormy morning; drench-
ing rain, heavy thud of waves and the Locust
Point beating about with apparently no prospect
of reaching Port Royal to-day.  Writing, below,
all day, till sunset, finishing a second commu-
nication for the Tribune.  By 7 P.M. the weather               
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