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Text for Page 065 [06-17-1862]

                 Hilton Head and
had moderated, the day cleared up and
we were off Hilton Head; seeing, afar off,
a long pier stretching out into the waves and
many ships riding at anchor.  Halpin appear-
ed, clothed and in his right mind, at supper,
showing agreeably.  Talking with him I found
that he had known Bellew�s wife before her
elopement, Col. Hugh Forbes and other of my
acquaintances.  Presently the Provost Marshal
of � Port Royal came aboard, in a boat, when
we all had to sign our paroles of loyalty to
the U.S. Government, etc.  King returned ashore
with this officer.  The Locust Point anchoring,
we all passed a quiet night, and I did a little
scribbling, after stowing away things for disem-
     18.  Wednesday.  Rowed ashore to the long
pier, the work of Serrell�s men, including Lieut.
George Edwards.  On it awhile, the soldiers
clustering about my bundle of Tribunes.  To
the Quartermaster�s office, a shabby old wood-
en house, once the only one in the locality.  This
person, a Mr Fuller, was an acquaintance
of Sinclair�s, I think a relative, and I had
a special letter of introduction to him.  After
a friendly reception I went to Gen. Hunter�s
head-quarters, in a long row of wooden tene-               
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