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Text for Page 067 [06-18-1862]

                  From Hilton Head to
sel had been on the Atlantic route.  We dined
in a stylish saloon, on soup, fish, turkey with
oyster-stuffing, pastry, champagne and brandy
ending with coffee and cigars.  It was exceed-
inly hot.  Returning to the pier and discovering
that the Julia Halleck hadn�t started, nor was
yet likely to do so, while the Locust Point was
just going to Beaufort, I resolved to go thither
too, as Fuller invited me.  But when the steam-
er put forth from the pier the Quartermaster
got left behind.  On the vessel I fount the two
Halls, Babcock and other passengers, military
and civilian.  Among the miscellaneous persons
were three young negresses, as black as might be,
very showily dressed, with extensive hoop-skirts
and gay straw hats.  They chattered gleefully
and gave themselves the airs of belles.  Going
below I found the comely Hospital Steward�s
wife, who appeared rather curt and cross,
perhaps on account of the extreme heat, perhaps
because she thought I might presume on our
little familiarity.  So I talked with Babcock,
the Halls and the males, smoked cigars and
enjoyed the prospect.  It was an essentially
Southern one, a river bounded by swamp and
marsh, with islands of oysters (out of season
and uneatable) and, in the distance, a line of               
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