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Text for Page 061 [03-15-1852]

              the �Lantern� was like to come to a smash.
That Woodward oweth Frere & Bellew some 
$60 or so &c.  Should�nt wonder.  Left him
at Scoville�s door, then back to Office.
Wrote to Boutcher; now about 12, shall go
to bed.
  {16. Tuesday.       Did Lantern Initials.   Some
  17.  Wednesday.}       Reveille work.  To and fro
irregularly about Nassau Street.  Vile weather.
Hooper called on me.   Eddy Greatbatch & Joe.
See nothing of Waud.   Swinton sold me his
contrivance for sleeping for $4 & helped me to
put it up on Tuesday.     Lonely rather and
busy, though not as of late in the drawing
18.	Thursday.  At 1 over to Brooklyn               
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