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Text for Page 069 [06-18-1862]

                   Beaufort, South Carolina
trees.  Now and then we passed white houses and
abandoned plantations.  Capt French was very
apprehensive of running his steamer aground, which
he presently accomplished when we were in sight
of Beaufort.  But there was on board a Col. Mor-
row, who was appointed Provost-Marshal of the
place, and Babcock and I went ashore in a
boat with him and some of his companions.  Landing
at a quiet little pier we strolled through the
village.  It had been quite an aristocratic place,
the summer residence of wealthy South Carolinians,
and looked beautiful in the semi-tropical lux-
uriance of its foliage.  The houses, standing apart,
and mostly built of wood were sometimes quite
hidden by trees.  Passing the house of the arch-
rebel Rhett, we met two mounted officers who hail-
ed Babcock and invited him to their quarters,
which lay rather in the rear of the main street
of the place.  It was the quarters of a Col Christ,
of the 56th Penn, and we got there just as a heavy
rain-storm set in.  In the parlor of the house
we sat smoking, drinking gin-and-water and
being furiously bitten by musquitoes.  Here news
reached us of a recent disaster on James Island.
The rain ceasing, I set out with Babcock to in-
quire about it, visiting sundry places in search
of the man who had brought the intelligence from               
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