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Text for Page 072 [06-19-1862]

                 General David Hunter.
liked Gen. Dave Hunter especially his pro-
clamation freeing the negroes, which had been
revoked by the President, hence I was in high
feather in his department and immensely
popular.  Returning to Halpine�s I got my
hair cut military fashion, that is very close,
on account of the heat, and found it comfortable.
Gen Hunter�s negro-servant was the barber.
Presently I was summoned to dinner with
the General and his aides, in a cool building
in the rear, Mrs Hunter being also present.
There was in attendance a little black boy
who might have sat for Puck but for his
ebony color, who fanned away the busy flies.
This urchin, when I first presented myself
at headquarters, had �recognized� me as the
son of �his ole massa�, which notable discovery
made some mirth among the aids, who chaffed
about a Secesh spy presenting himself in the
guise of a Tribune correspondent.  I thought,
however, how this unlucky approbative ten-
dency to over-intelligence in certain imita-
tive classes might result seriously on occasion.
An hour or so�s writing.  Then horses being
at the door, an I mounted and with Capt.
Fessenden (son of a senator of Maine, and
on Hunter�s staff) temporarily colonel of the               
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