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Text for Page 077 [06-20-1862]

            Up the Stone.  Capt. Ike Phillips.
a young cavalry-man and the captain of the
boar, Faircloth, joining us, we had a jolly
hour or so, an I got to bed by 12.
       21.  Saturday.  Breakfast.  Chaff with a
Capt Ike Phillips of the Staten Islander, lying
alongside, who proposed to convey us to the camp
of Gen. Wright, our destination, at two miles dis-
tance.  Thomp-                              
son (who had                                 
been, I think, )                               
staying ashore                                
with some army                             
friend) was to                                  
accompany me                             
to Gen. Wright´┐Żs                            
having volunteer-  
ed as

Brigadier-General Stevens.                         

	aid-de-camp to
	him, Hay re-
	maining to fold
	the like position
	to Stevens.  So
	we entered a 
	small sail boat
	and made some
	progress, but
	were not
sorry to be taken in tow by the Staten Island-
er and presently to ascend to her deck.  He
we found a short, burly, good tempered Da-
nish sea-captain named Reamer, who was
being vilified by Phillips for his abolitionist
principles, which he stoutly maintained.  This
Ike Phillips proved to be a good-natured black-
guard, a drunkard and an out-and-out
pro-slavery democrat, who had been invol-
ved in some rascally business, the fraudulent               
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