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Text for Page 078 [06-21-1862]

             The camp of Gen. Wright.
sinking of a vessel and the robbery of the
government, for exposing which he was very
savage against Raymond of the Times.  He
swore a good deal, told bawdy stories and
was very hospitable.  Among other small
services he did was to change some of my green-
backs into gold � at par.  Arriving at the
camp of Gen. Wright we got put on shore, at
a little, incomplete pontoon-wharf, and walk
alongside of the mud and sedges margining
the Stono to headquarters.  This was the
abandoned house of a planter, known as Tom
Grimball�s.  Here I was introduced to ano-
ther aid of Gen. Hunter, also on amateur
duty, a Capt J. M. Rice.  In the office,
once the parlor of the house, which had been
perforated in two or three places with shot,
I fell asleep, overpowered by the heat.  Wa-
king I set out to find the camp of Serrell,
which was close by, and inquire for Lieut.
George Edwards.  Him I found looking
more than sunburnt, but hearty enough, and
after some talk, and an expedition with a Capt.
Atwood to get a sketch for a plan of the scene
of the recent fight, involving some very hot
walking, I returned to Capt. Rice at head-
quarters.  Got something to eat at the Quar-               
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