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Text for Page 062 [03-18-1852]

              as promised, to dine with the Dunsier�s. Purchased
the first Number of Dicken�s �Bleak House� and
reading it by the way. God bless Charles Dickens!
A foul day, mud and thawed snow, gutters
filled with torrents, and discomfort everywhere.
Arrived at Brooklyn, found Dunsier &
his wife about to go to New York for an hour
or twain so with my books I waited their
return, and when they did, spent the remainder
of the day there.
  19.  Friday.   Writing copy for Strong�s
Yankee Notions.   Down town once. Saw
Waud in at Swinton and Fay�s. Still
sulky.   He must digest his spleen now �
seeing I, who should be most offended have
in vain sought for renewal of intimacy � And
he shall.                     Afternoon as pledged               
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