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Text for Page 079 [06-21-1862]

              Aboard the Staten Islander.
termaster�s tent opposite �Tom Grimball�s�,
where I found Thompson.  Then I went to
that of a Dr Grispell to obtain hospital re-
turns.  Gen. Wright presently returned from
a visit to the camp of gen. Stevens, accompanied
by the gallant and self-conscious Serrell, who
looked in glory on horseback.  Returning to
the pier, the completion of which I found
George Edwards superintending, after some
delay I got sent aboard the Staten Islander
I in George�s boat.  Capt. Phillips was drunk
and asleep in the after-cabin; so I stayed
in the saloon talked to honest Reamer and
the others and endured the heat as well as I
might.  There was a Capt. Clifton aboard,
a New Yorker, who had had interesting mari-
time experiences and pain sick nigh to death
in a hospital at Rochelle in France, and been
tended on by a poor old man of whom he spoke
very gratefully.  He told an agreeable story,
too, about a �yankee agent� having been captured
on one of the adjacent islands and conveyed
to Charleston, where he has exhibited for some
days in a cage, on East Bay, and subsequently
hanged.  I slept that night on the cush-
ioned seat of the saloon, protected from the
musquitoes by a net lent me by Reamer or-               
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