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Text for Page 080 [06-21-1862]

                    Serrell, and Camp life
Clifton and slumbered soundly-
         22.  Sunday.  A �hose-bath�; getting the
men who were washing the decks to play over
me, naked.  Breakfast: scribbling; then aboard
a �tug� steamer and to shore.  To Gen Wright�s
headquarters; saw Serrell in his little office,
adjoining it.  In the main-building, making a
map, with the assistance of Brigadier General

[two photographs]
Lieut R. Thompson.        Lieut Chas. Hay.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
Williams.  At work till 1 �  then having mailed
letter (which was to return to Hilton Head by
the Cospmopolitan and thence^|not| on the same vessel
to New York) to dinner with Serrell in his tent,
in the camp fronting �Grimball�s.�  But the weat-
her proved so hot that we adjourned to beside
the little creek, itself well-looking enough at
flood-tide, but to the last degree dreary and de-
testable at ebb; the trees above looking shabby
with pendant moss.  A salt-dinner, with ale.               
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