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Text for Page 081 [06-22-1862]

                     On James Island.
Returning to the tent we lay, with its skirts
hitched up to allow what air there was in mo-
tion to circulate, under canvas, on the hay,
dozing and idling away the torrid afternoon.
I had a walk and a gossip afterwards with
George Ed-                              
wards, wit-                               
nessed the                                 
evening drill                             
of a Penn-                                 
sylvannia regi-                          
ment and                                   
heard the                                   
prayer and                                  
sermon, which                           
latter I thought                           
long, addres-                              
sed to men                                  
with muskets

Captain J. M. Rice.

	on their arms
	anon with
	the Colonel
	and Major
	to supper.
	A smoke and 
	debate after-
	wards on the
	inevitable sub-
	ject of aboli-
	tion which
	Serrell was
	opposed to,
	talking the
	usual dreary
	cackle in de-
[word crossed out] fence of slavery.  �If it was going to be an
abolition was he should resign Etc.  and he
didn�t know but that he should� offer his sword
to the other side.  Not on this account, but on
his general cockyness and, I am afraid, men-
dacity, Serrell had got himself furiously un-               
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