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Text for Page 082 [06-22-1862]

                           In Camp
popular in the army at Hilton Head; very
many officers ridiculed and disparaged him,
whether with or without justice I don�t know.
Halpine was particularly down upon him.
Returning to the newly erected tent of Capt..
Rice, in front of �Grimball�s� I shared the
buffalo-robe and blanket of Capt. Thomp-
son, and after lying awake for a long time
in the stuff and sultry night go to sleep.
    23.  Monday.  A ride with Rice and
Thompson related in the letter on pages 74 and
75.  Returning to scribble luxuriously in the
tent with the canvas hitched up all round
for ventilation.  White hot sunlight outside.
After dinner visited a deserter.  In a boat
to Steven�s camp with my two companions,
and visited the general, obtaining particu-
lars about the sword presentation narra-
ted on page 77.  Here I procured my bag-
gage left behind in the General�s tent, while
Thompson got certain articles out of his mess
box left with Hay who was out somewhere,
reconnoitering.  Rowed back to Wright�s camp.
Serrell dropped in in the evening.  Scrib-
bling, singing and roost.
  24. Tuesday.  Scribbling all day till
5 1/2 P.M. then a ride out of camp with               
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