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Text for Page 086 [06-26-1862]

                           Camp- Life
of us departing to go to the lower landing with
Steven´┐Żs camp, but finding no chance of 
transportation.  Returned to quarters, in
company with a Capt. Rice of the 76th Penn-
sylvania.  Lolling; camp-talk; dinner at
12.  Then, with a Lieut. Burndollar, to the
landing again.  Hot.  Got rowed to the Sta-
ten Islander, visited Capt. Ike Phillips and
Capt. Clifton read newspapers and loafed
in the calm of the latter.  To the lower landing
or near it and aboard the Cosmopolitan.
(Honeywell in New York by this time.) ashore,
visiting Gen. Stevens.  Returned by Staten
Islander.  George Edwards on board, having
been down the Stono with a party of men to
secure floating tender of which they had
got a scour-full, conveyed by being towed
astern of our steamer.  To quarters rather
tired.  Some picket-firing at night, other-
wise tranquil enough.
     27.  Friday.  The ride described in the
letter on page 79, in company with Serrell,
Thompson and Rice.  Scribbling during
the rest of the day.  Prospects of a night-
alarm, picket-firing and some shot and
shell.  On hearing the latter our negroes used
to creep into the tent and lie at our feet;               
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