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Text for Page 088 [06-27-1862]

                           Camp Life
ordinarily they slept outside.
   28.  Saturday.  Under canvas till
evening with not much exception.  An idle life.
Arrival of quartermaster Elwells from Hilton
Head with news.  A ride at evening in the
wood and skirting it.  A visit from George
Edwards.  A man killed yesterday after-
noon in the fort we had visited that morn-
ing; also a limb from our tree of observation
lopped off by a fragment of shell.  Five
other soldiers wounded.  All the talk in camp
of our approaching evacuation, and chagrin
expressed at it.
     29.  Sunday.  Scribbling and loafing..
     30.  Monday.  The same.  Writing to
Hannah and to Boweryem, Sketching head-
quarters and our tents for Rice and Thomp-
son.  At Serrell�s during the evening.

                    July �
  1.  Tuesday.  Cannonading at early morning,
noise of shot and shell and some excitement
in camp.  Diarrhah.  Quiet returned.
Finished letter to Hannah.  Loafing, drink-
ing claret and dozing.  A ride at sunset               
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