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Text for Page 063 [03-19-1852]

              to Brooklyn again, their to squire Mrs Dunsier
to a sort of juvenile birth day party held at
her mother in laws, in honor of the eldest 
little girl.     Two grown girls were there
also, one English born, the other a New
Yorker.   Neither pretty.  One had animal
spirits & noise the other naught but particular.
Dunsier came, and Fagan.   The former
having brought a nigger violinist who fiddled
while the folks danced.   But the big ones pre-
vented the little ones, and altogether twas a
stupid noisy affair.     Left about 11, the
nigger playing tunes, and Fagan, found
Dunsier, (who was toddyed) singing to em.
Parted with them, and left Fagan at the
Fulton hotel, returned to New York & bed.               
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