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Text for Page 090 [07-01-1862]

                 The Evacuation of
with a Major Butt, making a complete
circuit of our camp to that of Gen Stevens,
the fields, marshes, woods, and lines of works
looking very lonely.  To some of the regiments.
A gallop and race returning, I being mount-
ed on the doctor�s horse, a big, fleet animal,
on which I outstripped my companion.  Too
much whiskey prevalent in our camp among
the soldiers; the Germans belonging to Ser-
rell�s singing choruses.  Rice and Thompson
packing up, expecting to strike tents before
dawn.  Shook hands with them and went
with Thompson to the little pier, his negro
carrying my baggage.  A densely crowded
scene.  Got aboard the Burnside, had a 
brief interview with the captain in the wheel-
house, then descended to the close cabin and
       2.  Wednesday  } lay on the table till
2 A.M., then as an officer who had occu-
pied a top-berth was summoned to exchange
his passage for one aboard the Delaware,
I turned in to the vacant place.  the heat
was soddening, the noise caused by the
rudder-chains, which ran through the cabins,
near the ceiling, abominable.  The rest of
my experiences during this disagreeable
day are recorded in my letter on page               
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