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Text for Page 092 [07-02-1862]

           Return to Hilton Head from
83.  The day was intolerably hot; the
night fine with a crescent moon and stars.
I south my berth at 9, and slept, except
when wakened by the banging of doors and
the tumbling about of pillows; my pillow being
drenched with perspiration.
   3.  Thursday.  Debarkation at Hilton
Head, amid a crowd, Capt. King presi-
ding.  Met young Hall and one another of
my Locust Point fellow passengers.  To head-
quarters.  In the chambers of Capt. Fessen-
den.  Halpine�s quarters and offices removed
to the further end of the row : saw him and Gen.
Hunter.  Very hot.  To the Post-office and Adam�s
Express office.  Reading Tribune, loafing
and scribbling.  Dined with Gen. Hunter,
Mrs Hunter, a doctor�s wife and Fessenden.
Out for a sail in the afternoon with young
Stockton, in the General�s sail-boat.  A negro-
crew, �a wet sheet and a flouring sea� � too
much of both.  Going at great speed and
crowding sail out into the beautiful bay,
the live, leaping sea marvellous with Turner-
esque effects.  A call at the flag-ship, Wa-
bash.  A risky streak back; a thunderstorm
coming up gradually.  to the pier, disembark-
ation.  Met King and visited his little boy               
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