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Text for Page 098 [07-06-1862]

            At the Drayton Plantation �
lost my way in the afternoon while going
to the Drayton plantation, and remained
there that night, the quest of young Capt. Trow-
bridge.  This officer had been a private in
Serrell�s Engineer regiment and was a very
kindly fellow.  We walked round the pickets
at night, visited the tomb described in the
letter, and returned to our couches, where
I was furiously flea-bitten in the old-fashioned
   {7.  Monday.    Related in the letter beginning
   8.  Tuesday.}    on the opposite page.  Quite
a South Carolina idyll, pleasant to remem-
ber.  I returned to Ruggles� place with him
by 2 P.M. and being joined by Trowbridge
we were raced back through the rushes to
the St. Helena landing-place, my companion
then quitting me.  The negro-crew took me
across the bay, of a grand moonlight night
to Hilton Head and the Drayton plantation.
There by 10 1/2.
    9.  Wednesday.  Writing all day at the
negro headquarters, my Tribune letter.
In the afternoon went with Trowbridge, who
had got back from St. Helena, to see a gen-
eral review of white troops in the fields at
some little distance. Serrell was present               
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