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Text for Page 100 [07-09-1862]

       A Rattlesnake.       Hilton Head.
but not in uniform, being temporarily un-
der disfavor, if not arrest, the command
of the regiment begin made over to Lieut-
Col. Hall.  I saw George Edwards, look-
ing dusty enough, as in deed did all the
others.  Returning with Trowbridge across
the fields he suddenly halted, and pointed
out to me a formidable-looking rattlesnake;
lying asleep, with his head in the centre
of his devilish folds.  He was a beautiful
reptile about four or five feet in length.
   Trowbridge  had left his revolver behind him
and we looked in vain for a big stick or
we might have attacked the creature at ad-
vantage; however we let him be and return-
ed to quarters, and a quiet busy evening,
   10.  Thursday.  Was raced back to
headquarters by a crew of negro boatmen,
under command of Trowbridge�s brother.  At
the rooms of Fessenden, busy getting of mat-
ter for the paper.  Dined with Rice, Thomp-
son and Hay.  In their quarters afterwards,
where I dozed in the one room while the two
latter (as they told me afterwards) received
a comely negro-wench who was their washer-
woman and something besides.  Evening at
headquarters, singing etc.  Some news by               
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