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Text for Page 104 [07-12-1862]

munition, which vessel had run athwart
Phillip�s craft in the Stono.  Back to quar-
ters with Rice, Hay and Thompson.  Sup-
per.  Returned to Gen. Hunter�s in the eve-
ning.  Fessenden away, having got off to
  13.  Sunday.  Joined by Hay and Rice.
A hot row in a boat to the steamer Delaware,
there, on board, to Beaufort.  Dinner and
dozing.  Arrived at 3 P.M.  Strolling up
the quiet, hot, sunny street was called to by
old Hall, and leaving my companions, went
to speak with him.  Found them again.  A
Ramble.  The empty church, the blooming
and sweet-scented oleander surrounding
the houses, the flowering cacti all combined
to form a sort of semi-Italian picture � To
the quarters of Lieut. Volney Hickox, of
Col. Morrow and the Signal Corps, all in
different houses.  Found Babcock with the
latter.  Hither and thither.  Spent the
night with the Signal Corps, sharing a
large room and bed with Babcock, under
a musquito net.  All these Beaufort houses
were handsomely furnished with big old
mirrors, book-cases and the like.  Some
had pianos.  One article was  Southern               
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