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Text for Page 065 [03-23-1852]

              Governors� Island Ball.     Arrived, landing,
then to the Hospital, where Barth rejoined me
and a certain friend of his from Fort Hamilton
hight Caroll.     To the Ball Room, (usually
devoted to the Commisiarat department;) others
about Creecy Beukman &c.     The room,
a spacious one was decorated with wreaths, flags
stands of arms &c.     The company being arrived
the women having tattooed themselves &c in adjacent
houses, all gathering in a room marched en
promenade to the Ball Room.  I squiring
Creecey�s wife.     Dancing began with great
spirit,  any amount of Uniforms &c. Kept
it up till past three, then to the music,
defiled to supper in a room below.     An
hour thus, or more, then all back.     At
  24. Wednesday}       the next house was a room               
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