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Text for Page 110 [07-17-1862]

                Back to Hilton Head
negro huts were near, also some darkeys,
lying idly in the shade.  Returned to Beau-
fort; visited Col. Morrow; ate ripe figs;
went back to a hasty and salt meal with the
Signal Corps, then to the wharf and aboard
the Thomas Swan, where I was presently
joined by Babcock and Howard and where
a negro found me, bringing a basket of figs
as a present to Mrs Gen. Hunter from Mor-
row.  Of for Hilton Head, towing a schooner.
Got there by 8 � P.M. Debarkation across
the Arago steamer.  To headquarters; Fes-
senden, Smith and Stockton.  Tea.  Arrival
of Rice and Thompson.  With the former to his
headquarters for the night.
   18.  Friday.  Some intentions of returning
to Beaufort by the Arago.  Waiting to see
Brig-Gen. Terry about a proposed trip to Fort
Pulaski, Georgia, and to Florida.  With
Rice to the quartermaster�s.  To the wharf
where the Arago was just starting.  Return-
ing met Osborne, a correspondent of The
Herald; with him to Adams� Express of-
fice; Fuller there (still under arrest) and
others.  Talk and whiskey.  Rice left.  Back
to quarters.  Anon to a wretched dinner at a
restaurant.  Return and doze.  A proposi-               
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