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Text for Page 112 [07-18-1862]

                 Fort Pulaski, Georgia.
sition to ride to the Drayton plantation
got a horse from Ellwell and started but
a rain and thunderstorm drove us back.
Tea.  A dull, damp, hot, unpleasant even[ing.]
Blue-devilled and repentant that I hadn�[t]
gone back to Beaufort.
   19.  Saturday.  By noon aboard the
Maltano with Rice, he being volunteer aid
to Brig-Gen. Terry for the occasion.  A 
Capt. Sawyer, also one of Hunter�s aids, with
us.  Up Skull Creek; the sea-breeze de-
lightful, and affording a refreshing contrast
to the insufferable heat ashore.  The scenery
must have looked much the same to the Hugue-
nots who came here nearly three centuries
ago.  A 50 cent dinner in cabin.  By 4 P.
M. reached Fort Pulaski at the entrance
of the Savannah River, the fort rising from
the lonely swamp, across which we went, on
foot, after disembarking at a little wharf
among a knot of soldiers.  Beyond lay the
plank pathway, elevated above the marsh
It was very hot.  A salute of cannon, which
may have set the �Salwanners� wondering
what good news the Yankees had received.
(what defense was it where Joe Willett lost
his arm?) A shallowish moat; portcullis etc.               
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