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Text for Page 115 [07-19-1862]

                 At Hilton Head.
In, over and about the fort, which had
been very much damaged by the bombard-
ment, last May or April at which time
it was taken from the rebels, by a persist-
ent battering from Tybee Island opposite,
only two men being killed.  After an hour
or so, viewing the place, we returned to
Hilton Head, and were put ashore in a
row-boat.  To Gen. Hunter�s for news.
Talk about the report of certain British of-
ficers who had recently visited Charleston
about the condition of things in that city,
and of a rumor that Richmond had fallen.
To quarters: a storm afterwards.
   20.   Sunday.  Oppressively hot, as
usual.  With Rice to visit the Engineer regi-
ment.  Col. Serrell had been sent under
arrest, to Fort Pulaski, yesterday after-
noon.  Saw Capt. Atwood and Lieut.
George Edwards who told me that Mrs
Tommy Nast, nee Sally Edwards, has
a baby � a girl.  To pier.  Met Gen. Wright,
who with his force had just returned from
Edisto, which island is now completely
abandoned.  They were to go to Virginia
after Stevens as soon as possible.  Went
aboard the Delaware which was crowded               
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