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Text for Page 118 [07-20-1862]

                       Hilton Head.
with soldiers as also was the Cosmopoli-
tain.  Aboard the latter vessel I found Char-
ley Honeywell, rather sick and in his berth,
on the opposite partition of which were stuck
several carto de visite photographs, among
which I noticed that of pretty Matty Edwards.
Honeywell hospitably ordered in a bottle of
claret for me and we talked of his recent
visit to New York.  Back to quarters.  In
the afternoon made an attempt to get horses
and ride to the Drayton Plantation but
failed.  To Gen. Hunter�s, and in Stock-
ton�s room.  Back to quarters.  A storm
and a fine display of lightning.  One Capt.
Foster, whom I knew on James Island
with us. He was a good fellow though a
pro-slavery democrat and a believer in Mc
Clellan on which points we had repeated bat-
    21.  Monday.  Loafing and perspiring
till 5 P.M.  Then rode to the Drayton
Plantation with Rice.  The negro-soldiers
on parade; target practice by the sea shore
afterwards.  Back, meeting Stockton
and others.  Evening at Gen. Hunter�s :
claret with Halpine, Hay and Thompson
joining us.  A horribly hot night.               
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