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Text for Page 066 [03-24-1852]

              converted into an impromptu bar, whereat
Creecy provided most part of the time, I, for
half an hour aiding him,  and doing a roaring
trade on the gratis principle.
  Getting tired at about 4, off to the Hospital
and to bed.            Barth & Caroll came about
8 or so.         Stayed till about 3 in the after-
noon, and then with Caroll, back to New
York in the Goverment boat.     Parted with
him, to Office, called at Swinton and Fays,
down town again.     Davis came in evening and
fitted up shelves for me.
  25.  Thursday.  Down town with Reveille
drawing yesterday.     Saw Mathews once or
twice.   At Lantern Office.  Dunsiers in the
  26.  Friday.  Got money from Woodward
$8.   Saw Bellew.  Brougham               
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