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Text for Page 120 [07-22-1862]

                      Hilton Head.
   22.  Tuesday.  In doors all day, writing
letter to the Tribune.  Became acquainted
with an equine Dr Freeman, an English-
man, here in charge of the horses of the troops,
who introduced himself to me.  He had known
Edge, while that individual was at Port Royal,
and lent him $ 8.7 which he wouldn�t be 
sorry to have repaid, though he spoke good-
naturedly of his debtor.
   23.  Wednesday   }
   24.  Thursday.      }  Heat, dullness and loafing.
   25.  Friday.          }  A mail due from the
north arrived at last.  Heaps of papers
and letters from Gay and Boweryem.  The
former promises my correspondence �emi-
nently satisfactory� and tells me �to go, of
course� on the proposed voyage of inspection
on the Southern Coast.  To Gen. Hunter�s
Adams� Express and other places.  Met
Honeywell at Ellwell�s office and brought
him to our quarters to write a letter.  Even-
ing at Gen. Hunter�s, in company with Smith 
and Osborne.  Singing and talking.
   A period, generally, of broiling days, sultry
nights, musquitoes, lightning, taking meals
under canvass with Rice, Hay and Thomp-
son and boredom.  Fessenden off to George-               
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