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Text for Page 122 [07-26-1862]

                 Fernandina Florida.
to Virginia which Rice decided on doing,
and so had his baggage removed from the
Delaware, just before her departure � I was
sorry to lose him for he was a gentleman
and a good fellow;  the best companion I had
at Hilton Head.  Waiting aboard, for 
Gen. Terry; talking with King, his brother,
Hickox and others.  Off by 5 � .  It was ex-
hilarating to feel the swash of the waves
again.  Bound first to Fernandina, Florida.
Talking with Hay, Thompson and the chap-
lain of the 9th Maine, a Mr Cutler, with
whom I shared a cabin, when we turned in
for the night.
   27.  Sunday.  Very hot.  At Fernandina
by 11 A.M.  For particulars see Tribune
letter, page 97.  Thompson and Hay had
many acquaintances among the young officers
quartered here, who came aboard with them
and emptied a huge demi-john of whiskey,
which the �aids� had provided for the entire
voyage;  Thompson getting very drunk during
the process, as Hay informed me next morn-
ing, deploring the loss of the whiskey and
saying that he himself had but a single
drink of the entire quantity.
   28.  Monday.  Off St. Augustine, for               
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