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Text for Page 124 [07-28-1862]

                     St. Augustine.
army, a lieutenant, to whom Thompson
had written a letter informing him of the
health of his family, and leaving it in the
deserted camp when we evacuated James
Island.  To these sisters the young men were
speedily resuming attentions, in the upper bal-
cony or verandah that ran round the house-
we had a good dinner at this hotel, the
principle dish being roast pig with okra or
gumbo; loafed during the afternoon and
at night I, Faircloth and others took a
ramble about the old town.  The two aides
being still upstairs, devoting themselves ex-
clusively to the ladies.
   29.  Tuesday.  A stroll about the city
all the forenoon with Hay and another, to
old fort Mark, near Fort Marion.  In
and over it, ascending the ramparts, etc.
The place and the old town looked very
picturesque in the sultry summer and morning.
when the place was captured by the Union
troops the indolent inhabitants expressed
great surprise at the soldiers hauling cannon
up to the ramparts, a thing they had never
thought of doing.  We visited the magazine,
used as a dungeon afterwards.  Then 
a stroll through the town to the Plaza.               
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