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Text for Page 067 [03-26-1852]

              and Caroll. &c.   Strongs.  To and fro.
  27.   Saturday. Barth came. Out with him
then to Strongs &c     Drawing.   One evening
this week, (think Thursday)  called at Mrs
Kidders.  Lotty and her mother just off
for a ball.          George Brown�s wife to sojourn
him at New Orleans.
  28.    Sunday.   Took a long walk
some 5 miles or so about Gowanus, and
toward Fort Hamilton.   Back tired about
4, dined, then to room, dozed.  Called
first at Hoopers, Franklin St, then Greatbatchs.
  29. Monday.  Did Initials for Strong.
Down town to and fro.     Called at Butlers.
Bassfords.  Saw Lockington &c.      Yesterday
in returning up Broadway met Sarah Mouatt,
the girl Dick Gunn philandered with. I               
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