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Text for Page 129 [08-01-1862]

                   St. Augustine.
   1.  Friday.  Paid my hotel bill, left things
to wash, and with the negro Cyrus carrying
my small baggage went to the sea-wall and
was rowed from thence to the Delaware.  In
the little cabin of Purser Birdsall, writing a
letter to The Tribune, till 11 P.M.  Then to berth.
   2.  Saturday.  Sent off letter by the Burnside
which left St. Augustine at 10 A.M. talking
and reading.  Set off in a row boat with the
captain, purser, engineer and a brother of
Gen. Terry, intending an excursion to St. Anas-
tasia Island before dinner, but a storm
sent us back in time to escape a drenching.
Repeated the experiment after dinner, two
hours later, this time without young Terry.
A sail boat, with oars used.  A fine view,
changing aspects of sea and sky, the old
town and fort, the latter sometimes appearing
very dark in the shadow of the huge indigo-
colored clouds, now lightening in a sudden
burst of sunshine.  Past a wrecked blockade-
runner, from Nassau, of Yankee build,
her new name painted over a former one.
Landed on the shelly beach and smooth sand
of the island and walked by a path through
the bushes with which it was overgrown to               
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