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Text for Page 130 [08-02-1862]

                    Anastasia Island,
the lighthouse, a tall tower, deserted, with
a walled yard and house, at its base.  On
our arrival a number of starved chickens
and a hungry cat welcomed us, and found
their account by it.  We broke into the house
finding a covered-up meal, or the remains
of one, and household utensils.  After some
difficulty we effected a similarly forceable
entrance into the light-house, and ascended to
the summit, obtaining a view of the long ir-
regularly-shaped island, which was quite
uninhabited and overgrown with chapparal-
like vegetation, everything looking as lonely as
it must have done three centuries ago, when
Pedro Menendez murdered the poor shipwrecked
Hugonots there.  Sea wards one discerned a
dimly defined sand-bar, over which the At-
lantic surf was rolling and reverberating with
 a continuous roar, reminding me of Niagara �
we had heard it in the boat.  Returning
to the shore we strolled along the sand, picking
up shells and stones and possessing ourselves
of cakes of the coquina or shell-conglomorate,
which was very curious.  One of us found a
decayed wave-washed bone � a human one
-- all honey-combed by the action of the sea.  It
might have belonged to one of Jean Ribault�s               
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