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Text for Page 132 [08-03-1862]

                From St. Augustine to
he not at home.  Puddles in the streets
from yesterday�s rain; the thoroughfares
being paven below the dust allowing but little
opportunity for the water to run off.  Return
to the Delaware which, by this time, had
steamed from her place, by the old fort, to the
wharf.  Aboard, others following.  Con-
siderable consumption of ale in the cabin.
Ashore with Thompson and Rice, and looked
into the Cathedral, during mass.  St. Augus-
tinians male and female and Irish U.S.
soldiers.  Some of the women handsomish
with Minorcan, semi-Spanish blood in their
veins; one, before me in a round hat, with
ample crenoline and a voluminous skirts had
plump, bare, lovely shoulders.  Return to the
Delaware and by 11 1/2 got off from shore.
Dinner.  A rain storm in the afternoon;
the night solemnly beautiful.  Arrival of
a gun-boat in the evening, which sent to us
for papers, which I was enabled to furnish
in the shape of Tribunes.  The rain had
penetrated through the roof into my cabin.
Good bye to St. Augustine.
   4.  Monday.  All day long steaming
southwards along the coast of Florida.  A
roughish night.               
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