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Text for Page 134 [08-05-1862]

                   Key West, Florida
   5.  Tuesday.  The same.  The intensely
blue gulf-stream and the deep green waters
of the Atlantic.  A big turtle floated past
us.  A gun boat at 5 P.M. informs us that
the yellow fever has appeared at Key West
and gives us some little news from New Or-
leans.  In sight of Key West, mooring in
the harbor for the night.
   6.  Wednesday.  See page 101.  Wrote to
my mother, to Hannah and the Tribune.  Then
rambled about the place.  In the afternoon
while buying some cocoa-nuts made the ac-
quaintance of a Miss Sarah Giger, a pilot�s
daughter, one of many, she being the elder,
a plump, not uncomely woman of 35.  A
talk with her in the piazza about the war and
things in general.  Aboard with my five co-
coa-nuts, for which I had paid 25 cents.
A ramble with Thompson and Hay in the
evening.  The water about the island very
livid looking, like sea-water mixed with
lime.  Among other vessels there lay the no-
torious yacht �The Wanderer�, in the harbor
which had once been owned by �Charley Lamar�
and who had once �run� a cargo of slaves in
her.  She was now a U.S. prize.  Left Key               
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