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Text for Page 136 [08-09-1862]

                   Key West again.
same containing the news of a fight at Ba-
ton Rouge, Louisiana, and the death of Gen.
Williams.  Off for Key West again.
   10.  Sunday.  Lying off Key West.  Yellow
fever ashore.  Insufferably.  debilitatingly
hot both ashore and afloat.  See Tribune let-
   11.  Monday.  The same.  Visitors from
ashore, a doctor and officers.
   12.  Tuesday.  Ashore in boat, with Hay
and Thompson.  To a photograph-place where
they had their portraits taken (inserted on
page 70), a billiard room and cigar shop.
In the evening I took them to the house of
the pilot Giger where we found a juvenile party
in progress in honor of one of the younger sis-
ter�s birthday.  Talk on the piazza, shaded
by the cocoa-nut trees, piano playing in-
doors.  A present of grapes.  Back to boat,
and up till 2 in the morning.
   13.  Wednesday.  Writing to the Tribune
during the major part of the day; the vessel
taking in ammunition and some cannon.
   14.  Thursday.  Ashore to mail letter and
buying cigars.  The Delaware unexpectedly off in
the afternoon; woke up from a doze to find us
at sea.  A fine night with the usual display               
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