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Text for Page 006 [07-19-1849]

              and Joe calling in the Evening; all three off to the �National�
Theatre. �New York, as it is.� A busting piece, no sort of plot,
or any attempt at any. �Mose� in great glory; his chief business 
seeming to be knocking everybody about. 	The part of a �market 
loafer� well played. 		The piece over, left. Called in 
at a Book auction on our way home.
  20. Friday. Called on Wilson of the �Brother Jonathan,�
in Spruce Street.    Then up the Bowery. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].�	At Bobbett and Edmonds for wood-block, to com-
mence �Mose among the Britishers.� Jersey City and dinner.
Then over to New York and Wilson�s again. �Cholera� unsaleable. 
Went to the �Ned Buntline� Office, but that worthy was out of 
town. 	Shower of rain.    Sitting on a pile of mats in Broad-
way, opposite the Park, contemplatively blue devilled.
George paid me a visit in the Evening. Reading Good old �book-fighter 
against blue-devils,� Burton; and the book of Job � grandest 
of all grand dramas, sublimest of poetry, divinest of morals, �In 
God we live, and move, and have our being:� all proceedeth 
from him, and existeth in him. Most wondrous Eyes of an 
unknown Namer.
  21. Saturday. Unwell, bodily and mentally. Drawing 
as much as I was able. Title for �Mose.�	In the Evening to
New York. Risked a dollar and a half in advertising; �               
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