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Text for Page 068 [03-26-1852]

              knew her at once, spite of her fine raiment.
Beside her, lovingly, walked an individual �
her admirer doubtless.       /             Getting
home found by Mr Greatbatch who called
that a friend of George Boltons John Conworth bound
Canada-wards has called on me � off
to morrow.            Reading �Monte
Cristo during the evening.
  30.  Tuesday.   Of late My Diary has been
but pitiful shreds and Patches, � a Week or more
strides by and I have to grope backwards after its
foot-prints in most halting manner.   Therefore
unless this Resolve prove a Square of Hell�s Pave-
ment I�ll return to the good old Rule, the
simple plan of chronicling each days detail at its
close.   So be it.           /            In doors till
12, then met Joe as I descended.  To Strongs
where I met Lockington, he having me with him               
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