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Text for Page 139 [08-19-1862]

                  From St. Augustine
crew seem to go ashore very much as they
please.  A wild autumnal night the
surf roaring over the harbor-bar.
   20.  Wednesday.  Bad weather.
   21.  Thursday.  The same.  Waiting.
Cultivating folks, especially our prisoners,
Bethel and Pinkney.
   22.  Friday.  Off at length, crossing the
bar by 5. P.M.  under convoy of our ma-
hogany-colored pilot, who had a little cock-
boat of his own which took him back, when
he had got us over, after the Delaware
had bumped once or twice.  Our pilot was
very proud of this cock-boat, a characteristic
of his class.  Steaming northwards all
night, not to rapidly.
   23.  Saturday.  We have overshot our
mark.  Fernandina, and must try back,
which is accomplished, and we drop our
�Killick� or anchor by breakfast-time.  In-
voluntary quarantine again.  Reading Black
& Wood � sundry old members on board.
   During one of these days we witnessed
the curious phenomenon of a water-spout, at
some distance, but not too far for it not
to be clearly visible.  It occurred on a lovely
moist afternoon, when we saw a heavy,               
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